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"The time of delight does not last long, but it passes by very quickly; nothing in this world you can enjoy eternally. Hence people should, when they are still young and healthy, reject all greed and sinking into ground-matters, to eagerly seek true Enlightenment. Out of Enlightenment no one can find a substantial reliance or happiness."
                                                                                                                                                            Siddhartha Gautama
What is Reiki ?

REIKI by definition is a Japanese system of healing based on traditional method of energy transfer. "Ki" energy means universal power of life. This word is similar semantically to the words like: "Prana", "Mana", "Holy Spirit", "Baraka," "Telesma", "Chi"... It personifies all-embracing power of the Universe, which feeds and animates whole existence. It is a creative, constructive energy, fulfilling with Light and joy, opening to a spiritual dimension of our lives. REIKI cannot hurt anyone, because it is the Light, unconditional love, and makes only the Good.

The meaning and effect of REIKI is difficult to close in words, because it’s beyond them. It's like a touch and blessing of the Highest Force. It is not limited to function as a method of natural healing, as its scope is much deeper. Receipt of Reiki initiation lets you see and experience the world as a multidimensional concentration of energy. This is the most perfect method known to me of integration of the body, mind and spirit, stimulating a human to a real inner development.

We are here on earth for a specific purpose. Each of us has a programme to implement and we all struggle with life, touching the matter. We will not escape from this, because each of us is destined for the Excellence, created by working on ourselves and experiencing. REIKI is a best known tool to me which efficiently helps to reach the top of our possibilities. Sometimes it will be enough to ask: "REIKI lead me!" and the path of life loses its bends. It becomes simple, clear, understandable.

Each of us is born with ability of self-healing entered in our DNA code. All diseases are a disturbance of the harmony and proper flow of the energy through the bodies. The diseases usually arise as a result of emotional trauma, negative mental experiences or spiritual despair. Medicines applied at a level of physical body eliminate symptoms, but do not remove causes of the disease, which usually comes back after a while. To permanently remove the source of complaint, it is necessary to reach inwards and remove the cause, which functions as a matrix, constantly sculpting in the body the same design of the disease. Reiki works at all levels, it regulates energy flow not only in the body, but also on the subtle planes. Its action is multithreaded and holistic. It removes the ground of bothering us diseases and any disharmony, which it "finds along its way", by tuning up the energy and the execution of the process of self- healing.

Thus REIKI is a part of us and our genetic heritage. When you’re given an initiation, you do not get anything strange. The name - exotically sounding Japanese word - was given by Dr. Mikao Usui, who rediscovered powers of self-healing and energy transferring, dormant in a human from ever. This is something very human, it’s our inner force. REIKI initiation is like lighting up in the room where the electrical installation has always existed. When you receive the initiations of REIKI, you trigger your own splendid power, involving the ability of receiving, the assimilation and the transfer of the energy. Thanks to the process of initiation right from your hands flows out the healing power that fills up everything you touch with absolutely wonderful Divine Light. The ability of deriving from the Highest Source stays in you forever.
calls REIKI "Divine Violet Pranic Energy" and describes it like: “to have the appearance of a dazzling white with a light violet on the borders. Its source is the higher self (that is the soul) and it enters through the crown chakra, hence it is called the divine energy or power of the soul. [...] Divine violet pranic energy has its own independent consciousness and brings very fast results in the treatment of serious diseases."
This color - dazzling white with a bright violet on the borders - many spiritual masters call "diamond".
Reiki is a dazzling white, at the end passing into light violet. It is the sum of three lights manifesting three divine aspects: Divine Love (pink), Divine Wisdom (gold), Divine Power (blue). Hence it is such a huge and effective power !

How Reiki works

Reiki displays at the energy level. This means that everyone feels its effects in a different way, because each of us has a different energy vibration and has different experiences in the spiritual development. One will feel during a therapy a deep relaxation and inward peace, another can even see great visions of colorful images, whether wonderful landscapes. Usually we have a sense of security and a feeling of being surrounded with a subtle, pleasant energy.

Reiki works holistically at all levels of our being - physical, spiritual and emotional. To bestow upon the patient or ourselves the power of Reiki, we calmly and gently put our hands with composed fingers on specific areas of the body. We often feel some kind of energy flow at once, such as warmth, cold or “pins and needles”. This is a feeling experienced both by the patient and the therapist. Sometimes it happens that the patient feels the warmth in a different place than the therapist, or receives warmth as a chill, or inversely. Interesting is that a thermometer inserted between the therapist’s hands and the patient's body, shows no indication of significant differences in the temperature.
In most cases, the recipient of Reiki reacts with relaxation and sometimes by falling asleep. The effectiveness of reception of this energy while sleeping is not reduced.

Sometimes during the transfer, to the recipients’ consciousness return old, dark or unworked experiences and emotions. A few tears may flow, whether we may hear the sigh or even a free laughter. It happens sometimes, particularly to the people doing meditations, to have artistic and sometimes visionary impressions. It happens very often that the series of treatment is dissolving internal energy blockades, which were keeping down the overall spiritual development, and at the physical level were the cause of many diseases. The direct energy transfer to the material body of the patient is not confined to the physical plane, but penetrates into all his areas.
Physical disease or temporary indisposition are an expression of internal disorder of personality in the material, emotional and spiritual sphere.
During Reiki treatment the patient is re-connected to the harmony of the Universe, while the energy penetrating the cellular level, and even quantum, knows best how we can return to health. This energy influences the cause of the disease in a complex and holistic way. Sometimes it happens so, that the patient after a few sessions begins to change his thinking and he looks for new techniques of mind improvement, as meditation, autogenic training or yoga. He may also begin to look into esoteric books or change a diet, and sometimes takes an effort to recognize practically these techniques. There are also cases when after a few sessions the patient finds solutions of problems laid aside long ago. Sometimes he undertakes unexpected steps toward the change of something in his current life.

We ought to listen intently into our internal voice and follow it. When we start working with Reiki we discover soon that this therapy works quite differently, than we before imagined. We constantly experience that Reiki has its own "intelligence", that knows where and how much energy is needed. Therefore, for the purposes of this system of therapy we don’t have to make a diagnosis, even if we were doctors of medicine. This avoids many errors that can happen even to a good doctor.
The influence of Reiki supports the natural process of self-healing, revitalizes the body and mind, releases buried emotions, favours the creativity, restores spiritual harmony and mental well-being, strengthens the life-force, has an effect on all levels (i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), balances the body's energy economy, leads to body’s equilibrium, dissolves the blockades and favours full relaxation. Reiki removes stress and the causes of diseases, cleanses the body from toxins, adapts to natural needs of the recipient. Reiki is effective to animals and even plants. It’s very nice as whole method of therapy and it can never hurt, as it always flows in such quantity, which the recipient at the moment needs. 

Anyone providing Reiki has to always remember that during the therapy he is only a channel, a transmitter of energy. We are not the source of that Power, but we are only at its disposal as catalysts. This means that without us the patient would not receive this energy. Making the patient able to take over the energy, so to say to absorb transmitted power, we do not weaken our own energy system (as it takes place at bioenergy therapy, polarity and other methods) but on the contrary, we are reinforced with this energy and we strengthen ourselves. Often during giving out Reiki we clearly feel the flow of this Force, and even we have an impression that our hands diffuse the sparks, while such experiences are always nice and relaxing for the therapist. With long experience in the use of Reiki, we feel intuitionally during the treatment what troubles the patient, without any suggestions from his side. After the end of the therapy we usually feel very happy, physically and mentally balanced and fully internally harmonized. It is very important that we do not feel fatigue (such symptoms usually appear at other methods). This therapy can fascinate and give the full satisfaction. 

After the treatments, in some cases, patients may experience light or medium detoxification symptoms, that are rated in the biological sense as justified self-regulative mechanisms of the organism work. This concerns particularly such symptoms as: increased urination or evacuation of blowers, enhanced production of secretion from the nose or throat, the scorching epiphora, skin hidrisis, increased production of wax in the ears, short-term fever or the subfebrile state, and even temporary relapse of previous diseases. Such purely physical manifestations of recovery should not be considered as a new disease, because they only show that natural detoxification process was initiated. About all these matters one ought to give notice to the patient, so that he wouldn’t be terrified with appearing symptoms, but would acknowledge it as a natural process of Reiki therapy. Otherwise the patient can become discouraged to this method. It is necessary to prepare him for the conscious participation in this process.

Symptoms that have been mentioned, last up two to three days, then retire and the recipient of Reiki feels much better than before the therapy. These are similar body's reaction which we observe at the patients treated with hunger therapy. These symptoms should be interpreted as a process of natural healing. Previous diseases appear for a short time, as if they re-live. H.H. Rockeweg, the doctor of medicine, speaks about this more widely in the book "Homotoxicology as the foundation of general pathology and therapy". His arguments are confined to the physical area of the body, but the same mechanism that Rockeweg noticed at the physical level, happens also at the mental and spiritual plane. Past experience and unworked problems can return to the consciousness, to be re-worked and next as "done", to be laid aside. This way with the help of Reiki there happens an offset of blocking tensions, whose genesis reaches sometimes far past. 
If we operate a lot with Reiki energy, similar reactions we can also feel as therapists. Reiki, going out from our hands into the patient's body, flows through our body as well, so it can activate its therapeutic potential in ourselves. Therefore - giving Reiki out to the others we clean ourselves, without harming the patient in any case, and we just become healthier in every dimension of our being. Practicing Reiki therapy, we observe in ourselves increasing trust and confidence to the wisdom of this Power, which saturates our entire live.

                                                                                              Stefan Bukowski – doctor of medical science

To briefly sum up, Reiki:

favours the energy balance
favours the creativity
makes more conscious
holistically heals
strengthens the life-force
removes the causes of diseases
removes stress
frees buried feelings and emotions

Can Reiki help you ?

Can Reiki can help you ? This method is known for that it helps with many problems on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Because it doesn’t require faith and a person willing to Reiki treatment just need to open up to the possibility of healing, you can safely say that yes - Reiki can help you. It can help with health problems as a technique of holistic therapy, being a support for classic methods – it relieves the pain and accelerates the healing process. If you suffer from anxiety and stress after work, Reiki can help you as a great method of relaxation, loosening muscles, eliminating tension or soothing the stress. If you have in your family someone incurably ill or you are such person, Reiki can help to alleviate the disease process and alleviate emotions accompanying the disease. Reiki can also help to raise awareness and heal the sources of emotional problems.
Reiki is used all over the world to support the treatment of physical diseases, to alleviate anxiety and stress, to calm children, to support treatment of people with autism or ADHD, to alleviate terminal diseases process, to heal financial misconceptions, and these are just a few examples. So if you have the opportunity to get Reiki treatment, go ahead and try it !
And if you decide on a course of even the first degree, then Reiki will be able to help you even more - you'll be able to help your loved ones and those that you care for. This makes Reiki very popular among doctors, nurses, clinics and hospice stuff, just among those who deal with patients or relatives. You will also be able to help your plants to grow better, and your animals – those domestic ones like dogs and cats - in their diseases, stress and everyday life, and also those bigger ones like horses or farm animals. In fact, you can say, "Give me a problem and Reiki will solve it" and it would not be an exaggeration.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Wojciech Usarzewicz

Are you suitable to be REIKI practitioner ?

The use of Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore it is available for everyone. Reiki has been applied successfully by thousands of people of all ages and circumstances. Reiki is an all-penetrating energy. It is the Universal Life Energy, healing with the power of love. 
Summing up, the benefits of Reiki may be derived by anyone.
Anyone who wants to take responsibility for himself and his life.
Anyone who appreciate the truth, health, harmony and light.
Anyone who wants to live in peace, happiness and love and wants to realize the boldest life plans.
Reiki is simply available and open for all sensitive beings.
So surely also for you.

How does Reiki differ from other methods of healing.

A key to the power of Reiki is the simplicity. As far as the other forms of therapy require months or even years of study to achieve full qualifications, Reiki is possible to explain and transfer during one weekend. This shocks. It's hard to comprehend, especially when you cannot get rid of the belief that the education way leads through intellect and his all bends requiring the time.

But the road to Reiki power doesn’t lead across the intellect, but through the initiations, so arcane path, what make us classify Reiki as an energy-operating therapy. In this lies a distinction of this therapy. Reiki is a process of transfer of the force and such phenomena are distant to western culture since the Enlightenment. Even so, this process can be experienced, it is very particular. Many people confirm its effectiveness.

Nurses, doctors and masseurs relate, almost with one accord, that after the initiations, while working with their patients they explicitly felt much more warmth that flowed out from their hands. Who became accustomed to work with the body, this one can immediately recognize the results of initiation, not to mention personal experiences, the feelings accompanying initiations. But who is less sensitive to the messages of the body and brings less experience, he will probably need a bit more time or may need to carry out a whole series of Reiki therapy and treatments on himself before he will see the changes. In general, most of people immediately feel “that something”, no matter in what form. Who feels „nothing”, probably lifts with himself too much above taken ideas. Then it remains only one: to listen intently to the body, or to learn to listen it. Otherwise it’s impossible to effectively influence.

What are the REIKI initiations ?

The initiations are the drive and spirit of rediscovered by Dr. Usui method of natural healing. Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life energy, which is given to us from birth. Anyone can apply the hands to another human and transfer magnetic life force. However, only Reiki has at his disposal the initiations, and best is to take them as a series of mystagogy. Therefore Reiki master or mistress transfers the energy to a disciple by means of old Tibetan technique to stimulate the consciousness. This energy opens up the disciples to the cosmic energy. It flows through the head to the body, then flows through the upper energy centers and goes out the body for the purpose of future treatment through hands. In addition, the initiations increase vibration frequency of the body and initiate necessary 21-days period of inner purification and refinement, as higher frequency automatically breaks down negative energy structures and blockades, which now must be dismissed.

The initiations have a different influence on everyone. Each person brings in a different vibration frequency, which accepts and integrate energy of the initiation according to its individual possibilities. If you already worked on yourself, you trained your consciousness and as a result you achieved a higher frequency of vibration, initiations will raise you up quickly, by a kind of "quantum leap" on a plane of higher consciousness. If you did not, then the force of the initiation, still causes some kind of the "quantum leap", but it manifests itself in a different form, because the energy of power transmission works and increases steadily in the relation to energy that you already bring in by yourself. In Reiki wonderful fact is that after all you can individually continue and intensify the qualitative leap of vibration frequency and healing power triggered by the initiation. You just have to carry on an every-day self-therapy and whenever possible, to give other people Reiki power.

The first degree initiations open mainly physical body, so that you can absorb more life-force and let it pass through yourself. Altogether, the introduction to the first degree includes four energy transfers which raise the vibration frequency of four upper energy centers.

First initiation tunes on physical plane the heart and the thymus, while at a level of etheric body it harmonizes chakra of the heart. Second initiation influences on the thyroid: at a level of etheric body it favours the opening of the throat chakra, which is our "communication centre". Third initiation influences on so-called “Third Eye”, which corresponds to the pituitary body (the centre of our higher consciousness and intuition) and the space of interbrain (hypothalamus) which regulates our body temperature and moods. Finally, fourth initiation opens up the crown chakra (the link connecting with the spiritual existence) and its physiological correlate - the pineal gland. The crown chakra, being the last confirmation of the existence of Reiki channel, finally determines the transfer of energy. Since then you can provide the power of Reiki for the rest of your life. If you are once initiated, you will never ever lose that ability. Even after many years of break-time, you can use the power of Reiki again, if you just feel like. It is available for you in every moment of your life.

The second degree initiations acts more radically. “The quantum leap” increasing the vibration frequency is four times stronger than at initiations of the first degree. There are activated also three symbols which we use in healing at a distance. While at the first degree the physical body is being transformed, then the second degree force transfers fit the etheric body to new levels of vibration. Furthermore they sensitise our intuition, because they influence on the forehead chakra or so called “the Third Eye”. 

Because the second degree of Reiki, providing a new level of energy, increases the vibration frequency in physical and etheric body - after this happens, like after the first degree, the 21-days period of purification and refinement. Our body and our energy centres need to switch to more subtle vibrations. Furthermore, during the initiation, we learn new techniques and auxiliary appliances conducive to internal growing and development. Initiations of the first and the second Reiki degree differ qualitatively. The first raises the energy of physical body to a new level so that it is able now, as a clear channel, to take over and hand on Reiki force. Initiations of the second level influence directly on etheric or bioplasmic body and stimulate especially energy centre of intuition, near the pituitary gland. Hermetic science recognizes the pituitary gland as a transceiver of telepathic information. This means that it functions as extremely sensitive antenna.

After initiations of the second degree, emanating from the centre of the intuition wavy energies of our thoughts seem to change. While earlier they blurred into broad circles, now they have clearer contours and it’s much easier to focus them. Now it’s easier for us to "send" and “receive" at telepathic level. In short, the second degree sensitises the intuition and we’re supposed to easily open ourselves to its messages. A healthy intuition in our times is almost essential to life. Why? Because it is a mouth "higher self".

The third degree initiations make us a master or a mistress. They further increase the vibration frequency and activate the symbol of the master. Since then we are authorized to initiate the others. We can show in and share the methods with the others to make them able to provide the power of Reiki by themselves.

This is an important point of view. We need to understand that wish of receiving the initiations and empowerment is our own, absolutely personal business. Reiki Master has no power to dispose of his "disciples". Reiki Master is just somebody who helps an adept to "hook" up the REIKI energy.
Reiki initiations are rare, one-time gift.

They let us feel our true essence. Sometimes we can feel it indistinctly and at the moments of widen consciousness we can perceive it rapidly for the short while. Reiki provides this stream of consciousness with a continuity. And, as we regularly use a self-therapy, our consciousness will deepen and extend. Deciding on treading the path of Reiki initiation until the end, you set in motion a process of deep development. You lead your consciousness to its natural rate, and at the time of purification and refinement you reject old structures of thought and behavior. With a beginning of initiation you take a decisive step: you accept that you are the masters of your own fate.

We’ve got a choice to live healthily in due harmony with people and the world. For this purpose, we only need to listen to the voice of our "higher self" and follow it. Then our life will find its natural rhythm. Whatever we do, we do it at the right time. "Higher self" knows everything. It’s not limited by time nor the space. It doesn’t need mind nor logic. Intuition rules over all-embracing knowledge, because it includes the past, the present and the future, and consequently the cause and effect. Our intuition leads us always to a positive result, even if it seems to contradict conclusions of the mind.

For the further development of our intuition we must learn to distinguish between desires instilled in us by the mass culture, and the other derived from the "higher self". The voice of intuition gives us peace and harmony, even in seemingly contradictory and disharmonious circumstances, while excessive desires throw us into a whirl of incessant activity. Therefore, let we rather listen to the voice of peace and wisdom instead of voice of imperious demands beyond measure. First will give us harmony, while the other will make us finally dissatisfied.

                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Paula Horan

Magic of Reiki

Reiki is not a system of magic in accordance with esoteric schools of the west – it’s more like a system of spiritual healing and development in accordance with esoteric schools of the far east - Buddhism or Taoism. Reiki doesn’t allow us to use this method for wrong purposes - just because it will not work, because it’s a healing energy, leading to harmony, to balance. It doesn’t lead to immediate results – we do not sit down to a ritual of waiting up for manna from heaven, but we rather work with Reiki, we let the energy flow and heal.

And yet we can still talk about magic of Reiki - magic in the sense of something wonderful, what is just happening thanks to the method created by dr. Usui.

This energy heals – situations, human relations, and at last our own lives - not by compelling the changes in the environment by force, but through showing us that true power lies in ourselves. It refers a bit to popular in recent years Huna but first of all, to the main ideas of Buddhism and Taoism. Namely, each of us has potential to become a Buddha, each of us has potential to become an enlightened person, and each of us has true power within ourselves. A path to enlightenment leads through a number of different areas - for example for one it will be necessary to experience true love, for others it may be the experience of material wealth.

But for all the people a common element is wish to experience a wonderful life - and this experience, in compliance with the highest good, Reiki can help us to achieve.

Reiki magic in everyday life

In order to understand subtle, but restorative work of Reiki, let me present two stories. The first from my own life, the second from the life of some known to me Reiki mistress. 

A few years ago I lived in a constant stress - and even fear. Fear of the future, of the money, of the safety. Financial problems and social maladjustment did not help. And although I was able to break myself in some aspects and change my life, it was still a constant struggle with myself. Then on my way appeared Sandra Koryciak, and after that Arek Lisiecki, and along with them came the word "Reiki". And “that” Reiki began to change everything - not too fast, but slowly, within two years my life changed about 180 degrees. I bore with painful events from the past - not with all, but with these which I should have become reconciled with at that stage of my life. I understood the basis of my financial problems and I saw possibilities of the improvement. In a way, my consciousness widened - I started to read books on spirituality, which I wouldn’t have reached earlier. I began to see patterns standing behind my life problems, and using appropriate techniques (and Reiki) I could begin to change those patterns. Sometimes Reiki healed my problems by itself. Another time, it helped me to understand them, so that I could solve them by myself. But first of all, the widening of consciousness caused that in the place where I saw the problems and fears – today I descry the possibilities and perspectives. 

My attitude towards money has changed - today I no longer worry about the finances, money comes to me automatically and actually with no effort. I'm not worried about the future – this became to me a fascinating adventure to live on. I am calmer, I became even more careful in matters of diet (though I'm not a vegetarian). These are small, subtle and earthbound changes, and yet so many people need them.

Another story shared with me a friend of mine, Reiki mistress. Once she worked in a supermarket, owned by large sales chain. Among the changes in her life after tuning to Reiki, she mentions, inter alia, that after the course of Reiki, the number of nasty customers whom she had to deal with significantly decreased. However, the number of nice customers increased. This fact has a simple explanation – as we emanate with Reiki, we automatically attract nice people who subconsciously sense our "warmth” and we deterrence those who subconsciously feel that it’s not worth to approach to such positive energies. This is caused by the fact that the positive spiritual energies lead to change, to heal. And not all people want to change and heal.

These are just two short stories, and there are hundreds of thousands like them, if not millions. One recovers the self-confidence; the other finds forces to fight with cancer and wins this fight. One gains the power to get wealth, the other finds his own spiritual path. All of this and much more happen thanks to the magic of Reiki.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Wojciech Usarzewicz

The importance of Reiki in terms of healing our planet

In many ways, we live in strange times.
Times of existential turmoil, uncertain tomorrow and cultural change. We cannot survive if we isolate from each other or if we’re hostilely tuned toward each other. The state of the Earth, created by ourselves and controlling the earth "elite", set us down with a choice: either to work together and help each other, or to become extinct. Deeply rooted in our unconscious activities pursuing us toward separation, isolation and hostility will gradually lose their power over us, and we'll follow towards collective consciousness tuned in a new way, characterized by love and harmony.

I think that the root of all diseases is a deep sense of guilt. We feel guilty because our false "self" separated from the divine EXISTENCE and now it deplores in unhappiness and impatience over the fact that life doesn’t run according to its wishes and ideas. But you are able to get free of this egoistical “self”, which constantly speaks only about itself, and you are able to get a wider field of view. You'll personally see and experience, that we are not separate from the divine EXISTENCE nor from the PANSOUL, which embraces our true "self" and true "self” of the others. Yes, we constitute the unity with THE UNIVERSE, we are not separate from it. From the understanding of this truth flows out the blessing. That understanding heals us and the world.

In a deeper sense, every healing is based on the regression reflection. Self-healing means that we wonder over our true essence. The further key to healing we will find discovering the point where our emotions for the first time were put off their harmonious course and how they nested in our body in the form of congestion. We will comprehend then, when exactly we improperly understand the life. Such disturbance of harmonious energy flow leads in the end to our sense of separation and isolation from the divine EXISTENCE. Humanity must overcome this feeling by a "quantum leap" of our collective consciousness. The power of Reiki is an effective help. It helps an individual man to come out of isolation and no longer feel to be separate from the entireness. Within 21 days of purification and refinement after the first degree we are getting rid of many energy blockages and emotional deposits. Our intuition grows, deepens and harmoniously tunes us up to our "higher Self".

Reiki force increases the frequency vibration of our psychophysical body. We can collect more energy and allow it to flow through us. This way, we raise the vibration frequency of the Earth.
Reiki is a method of transferring a force. It will make us able to take off the veil that obscures and disturbs our consciousness. We will recognize the higher truth of Being. Our efforts towards deeper consciousness and the access to our "higher Self" will be generously compensated. We'll see how the curtain rises up and how the EMANATION OF OUR TRUE SELF shows up.

5 rules of Reiki life in extended version

While creating the system of teaching REIKI Mikao Usui noticed that important and often imperceptible role in life play unconscious habits of disciples. Therefore, to improve the healing aspect of Reiki energy he added to his concept of teaching - five principles of Reiki life. They were designed to help the practitioners control their harmful habits coming from nature and education - habits becoming like a wall on the path of full healing and breaking away from old and pathogenic structures of action, feeling, and thinking.

This allowed Reiki to become fully available, as a practice of self-development for all people.
Regardless of the level of education, health condition or social status.

Just for today, I will not be angry, nor frustrated, I do not get upset with myself or others.

Just for today, I will not worry, I will not blame myself for the past and I will not be afraid of the future.
Just for today, I will be thankful for everything I have and who I am.
Just for today, I will be helpful, I will do something valuable for myself and others.
Just for today, I will love and respect myself and others, or at least accept. 

Pamela Miles: Reiki, Recovery and Optimal Health

The system of Reiki hand during treatment

Hand to introduce the system of Reiki treatment. It is the most effective system developed over the years. Each of the items we keep 3 to 5 minutes. For auto operation system adapt to the body.    The most important in all of this 
convenience and comfort. Hands arrange so that our body was in a natural position and devoid of tension. Then we achieve the best transfer Reiki energy.

Reiki - I degree initiation.

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