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I organize

REIKI courses of I, II and III degree in the system of natural, energy healing with the method of USUI SHIKI RYOHO.

REIKI course ends with the initiation after which the participant becomes a channel for the healing REIKI energy and since then receives the gift of the treatment of himself and the others.


REIKI healing treatments
restoring the natural harmony OF THE BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT.


The approximate programme of the course of I degree:
- the legend and history of Reiki, Reiki principles of life
- basic information about the structure of human energy
- simple relaxation and breathing exercises
- basic knowledge of meditation
- discussing and practicing Reiki treatment
  the autotherapy
  full treatment
  shortened treatment
- 4 initiations of Reiki


 The approximate programme of the course of II degree:
- breathing exercises, energizing exercises, relaxation
- new methods of healing (different than on the first degree)
- symbols (signs)
  working with symbols
- the use of acquired skills in practice, such as transfer of    the energy on the    distance, Reiki shower
- 3 initiations of Reiki, each symbol separately

The approximate programme of the course of III degree:

"Issues Reiki and spiritual practices as MASTER" tailored individually to the adept
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