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“Do not believe in any messages just because they were obligatory for a long time in many countries. Do not believe in something just because many people repeat this for a long time. Do not accept anything just because someone else said this, because some wise man or a priest supports this by his authority, or because it is written in a scripture. Do not believe in something just because it sounds convincingly. Do not believe in visions or ideas that you think they are revealed by God. Rely to this, what you found true after the long check,
to this, what brings the success to you and the others
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Siddhartha Gautama
How does Reiki work, from a scientific point of view

How is it possible that applying the hand leads to healing processes? Many scientists have asked themselves this question. Some of them were Dr. Robert Becker and Dr. John Zimmeman, who have studied the effects of Reiki energy to the human body since 1980. As first they confirmed that electromagnetic activity of the brain of the person in a moment of Reiki treatment, synchronized at 7 - 8 Hz, which is known as the Alpha state. This state is typical for REM sleep, when the nervous system, heart, endocrine system, muscular system are in the process of regeneration. What is more surprising, Zimmerman observed the phenomenon, when it turned out that some bodily functions of Reiki practitioners, while using of Reiki energy synchronized exactly with so-called Schumann Resonance, that is natural terrestrial spectrum of electromagnetic waves, known as so-called ELF (extremely low frequency). In a nutshell this could mean that conscious channeling of the flow of Reiki energy and similar natural vibration adjusts a man to a deep, almost instinctive, harmonious contact with entire environment, the environment in which he lives and operates.
In addition, in a moment of REIKI transfer, the biomagnetic field in the hands of the REIKI transferrer is at least 1000 times higher than normally.

How can it be useful ? Imagine that you’re lead by a inner voice that tells you when the best time is to make an important decision: to start a business, to withdraw from disadvantage without loss, to make the acquaintance of somebody. This voice is your intuition. The stronger your internal alignment is, known as vibration level, the closer your choices and therefore your entire live are to real wishes and values. In your life appears a coherence, and coherence arises more frequent sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Zimmerman (1990) in the USA and in Seto (1992) in Japan continued to examine the biomagnetic field that emanates from hands of the REIKI practitioner, during REIKI treatment. He found out that the impulses of the hands are of the same frequencies as brain waves from 0.3 - 30 Hz, focusing mainly on 7 - 8 Hz, the alpha state. Independent medical research has shown that this frequency range stimulates the healing of all wounds in the body. Each frequency is appropriate for different tissues. For example, 2 Hz stimulates nerves regeneration, 7Hz the bones growth, 10Hz the ligament. Currently in the field of physiotherapy this rule is applied, and ultrasound technology is widespread in the fight against such diseases as coronary, to clear clogged arteries and other therapies such as the disintegration of nephroliths. Also, it is known to the science for many years that placing the electrical coil around a fracture difficult to heal, stimulates bone growth and tissue regeneration.

Another factor contributing to the therapeutic effectiveness of REIKI is compassion and the loving intention transmitted by the practitioner of Reiki together with energy. It reinforces the healing of magnetic field. Because the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in our body, some 100 times stronger than the brain. Rollin McCraty, research director at the Institute of HeartMath, pointed out the correlation between human emotional state and a spectrum of electrical signals in the heart.
According to McCraty, the director of emotion research at the Institute of HeartMath, intentional feelings of compassion, love and respect produce certain frequency spectrum of the electrocardiogram, which is part of the biomagnetic tissues field and affects the cells of the body in a positive way. If this is repeated successively such frequency is sufficiently strong to cause changes in the structure of water and DNA. Therefore McCraty concluded: the more the healer will be focused on the state of sincere love, compassion and solicitude, the greater effect on tissue repair will he receive.

Current research, the results and comments can be found at the Center for Reiki Research: http://www.centerforreikiresearch.org/

Facts continued ...

Dr. James Oschman in his work, “Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis”, tried to explain the general effect of energetic medicine from the scientific point of view, focusing on the issues of the electromagnetism of human body. First, you need to adduce generally known truth – through the human body all the time flows the electric current. The electricity is part of the nervous system, which is still connected to the whole body, and the electrical impulses reach every cell of our body.
One of the part of the nervous system is so-called circumferential nervous system - a system that generates electrical impulses which inform the brain about the state of emergency when certain tissues succumb to the disease. Thanks to these impulses the body directs into damaged regions - the repair cells, such as white blood cells or fibroblasts. When the state of the tissue changes, then also changes the electrical potential of this tissue - and so for example, healthy tissue has a different potential than the diseased one. It should also be noted that the circumferential nervous system, in fact the tissue surrounding, is very sensitive to the changes of the magnetic field. This is the first part of the puzzle.

The second part is the fact that the tissues generate their own biomagnetic field, which is often identified with the aura. These fields pulsate with different frequency and can penetrate each other. Also, the frequency of vibration of such field will be different in the case of healthy tissue and diseased tissue. The magnetic fields are induced, in other words - these fields may affect each other, can change biomagnetic field intensity, and may affect the flow of electricity in the body.
Also our hands generate biomagnetic field - which in the case of people dealing with biotherapy can be sometimes extraordinarily strong. It’s even suspected that the human hands are able to emit energy of other type, not only the electromagnetic one. Now we come to the healing process. The diseased person experiences changes in the biomagnetic field that simply differs from the standard, providing the disease. The researcher Herbert Frohlisch said that the sets of cells, tissue or entire organ have some collective frequencies that regulate the proper functioning of organs. However, if the frequency of the cell is changed, it can cause a domino reaction - when sufficient number of cells change their frequency, associated with the biomagnetic field, disease status may occur because the equilibrium is disturbed. This also explains why many biotherapists highlights - any disease is visible in the aura first, and then through the symptoms.

Therefore, healing by laying on of hands, in theory is very simple – biomagnetic field of the healer is regular and stable, and thus stronger than the biomagnetic field of diseased area. Therefore, the healer’s field supports the process of the return of patient biomagnetic field to a state of equilibrium. In this way, through the healer, the body of ill person gets a support for his own self-healing systems. And that’s how it looks like more or less.
And how is it with Reiki ? There are two theories - either Reiki runs in practitioners earlier dormant skills to increase the power of their own biomagnetic field (or something else), or the energy that flows through the practitioner is so strong and has such special properties that restores the biomagnetic balance of diseased cells. These are still general theories that are waiting for a closer examination, which, however, seem quite reasonable.

                                                                                                                                                            Wojciech Usarzewicz

Problems of research into Reiki

Research into Reiki, however, is not free from problems - Reiki, as a method of spiritual healing, rules by its own rights to some extent. This makes it difficult in research to come to specific conclusions. It will be honest to admit that not all research into Reiki is conducted in the most scientific way. Very often, the deficiencies in procedures or too general research procedures eliminate the research from the list of valuable reading-matters. Fortunately, the more time the science representatives spend on Reiki, the more serious research is carried out.

As Dr. Anastassia Bogomolova noted, other problems, concerning the study over Reiki are:

• The differentiation in Reiki treatments, carried out by different practitioners
• The differentiation in Reiki treatments, carried out by the same practitioner

For Reiki practitioners it’s obvious that every problem is approached differently. As far as practitioners applying their hands in the system that is pre-determined, the treatment is usually carried out in the same way. But the practitioners preferring to work intuitively, every time they work differently – therefore the hands system changes and the time spent on the procedure. This generates a problem, because science prefers certain conditions for experiments and research, especially in the case of surveys – the experiment should be so designed that it can be repeated and with each repetition the experiment should look the same. However, this cannot be fully achieved in the treatment of Reiki, practiced with intuitive method, because most often each treatment is unique in its form.

Dr. Bogomolova pays also attention to the following problem, again obvious for practitioners. Namely, each patient reacts differently to Reiki. Reiki is not a liquid, which is sufficient to inject - the Reiki patient must be open for it to work at all. This makes it hard to organize the research in such way that the patient was open enough to Reiki. It is the lack of openness may explain the negative results of the research of Assefi and Shiflett, mentioned earlier. Not from today in modern medicine is widely circulated belief that the most important factor in recovery is the desire to recover. Without this (without opening up to the possibility of recovery), nothing will help.

Apart from the formal research, patients very often report the improvement after the transfers of Reiki - sometimes less, sometimes more. We can hope that the research into Reiki will continue to grow, aiming finally to demonstrate the positive impact of Reiki in healing process.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wojciech Usarzewicz

Reiki in hospitals

According to unofficial data 15% of hospitals in the U.S. make use of REIKI practitioners’ help. Also in other countries like Canada, UK, Germany programmes of REIKI energy therapy are introduced in medical institutions.
However, we’re out of worldwide research summarizing how big phenomenon we deal with.
Sometimes Reiki is offered as an adjunct to treatment, on the basis of cooperation with practitioners, and sometimes as a close part of therapy, when the hospital officially employs REIKI practitioners. Reiki is becoming more popular among medical personnel. Both doctors and nurses are more and more often decide to do the course of this method.

(William Lee Rand) writes:

In hospitals and clinics throughout America Reiki begins to gain acceptance as an important and cost-effective way to improve the quality of medical care. "Reiki sessions make patients get better faster and less suffering" says Marilyn Vega, a certificated nurse in a private hospital of Eye, Ear and Throat in New York (Manhattan). Reiki accelerates recovery after surgery, improves psychological well-being and reduces the negative effects of drugs and other medical procedures.
Vega, master of Reiki, includes Reiki in her work of nurse. Because patients like Reiki and talk about it, Vega attracts a lot of attention from other patients and from the hospital staff. Patients ask her about Reiki treatments in surgical and post-surgical rooms. She was also asked to do Reiki treatments for patients with cancer in Sloane Kettering Hospital, and patients with bone marrow transplants. Recognizing the value of Reiki in patient care, 6 doctors and 25 nurses got their initiations from Marilyn.

American interest in Complementary Health Care

Society generally revolves around the growing interest in complementary health care, including Reiki. Indeed, the research undertaken by Dr. David M. Eisenberg from Boston Hospital Israel Beth found that one out of every three people in America has applied such care, spending more than $ 14 billions out of pocket on alternative health care only in 1990! 
Reiki is also gaining genuine acceptance in medical institutions. Some hospitals include Reiki to the list of medical services, often with their own doctors initiated in Reiki, nurses and other staff.

Why hospitals like Reiki

Hospitals experience greater changes. They experience the need of costs reduction and at the same time want to improve health care. The old medical model, based on expensive treatment and technology, created an insoluble dilemma. This des not happen in Reiki and other similar (systems). Reiki requires no technology, and many Reiki practitioners offer their services for free. So Reiki is a very good way to improve care while reducing costs.
Julie Motz, a healer initiated in Reiki works with Dr. Mohamet Oz, known cardio surgeon, at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Motz uses Reiki and other techniques working with subtle energies to balance energies of the patients during surgery. Dr. Oz assisted in the operating room during open heart surgery and transplantations. Motz reports that none of the 11 patients treated this way felt typical depression after surgery, the patients after by-pass operation didn’t feel postoperative pain or weakness in the legs, and post-transplant patients experienced no organ rejection.
An article in the Martin Independent Jurnal follows the work of Motz at Marin General Hospital in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco. There Motz used techniques based on the subtle healing energies in working with patients in the operating room. She attaches great importance to take care of the feelings and positive thoughts of the patients, and have been given grants for her work with patients, especially after the mastectomy.
Dr. David Guillion, an oncologist working at Marin General, said, “I feel that we should do anything we can to help our patients. We provide the position of the medical art of our office, but the treatment is a multidimensional process... I sign under the idea that there is a potential of healing that can occur with the use of energy.

Additional information on REIKI in hospitals you will find here:


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In the UK you can legally hire as "REIKI HEALER" as in any other profession.

Job offers for "REIKI HEALERS" !


Reiki and Kirlian photography

Reiki action on the body can be also demonstrated by the latest technical equipment.
I.E. the changes in our biofield can be captured by optical-technical devices.
We can use for this test methods known for a long time, like:
Kirlian biofield photography or EP.

On the photographs attached below, we see exemplary changes of the characteristics of the aura after Reiki treatment.

Here we see a clear change in colour of the aura from orange to green which of course brings with the changes at the emotional and mental level.

Additional information on the symbiosis of science and spirituality here :

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