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The world around us appears to the perceptive observer as a space in which basic and dominant role is played by all forms of energy. Our entire civilization is based on this phenomenon. An energy is all around us, it’s all that we perceive and what we can only guess. An energy is all living and inanimate matter, only a vibration frequency is different in this phenomenon.
An energy is our golden sun, whereby the life on earth exists. An energy is the food that we eat and thus we grow, energy fills us during a healthy and sound sleep. We charge the energy from ambient environment and we also give it back in there. We exchange the energy with each other, sometimes we give it to somebody selflessly. 

Technologically we subjugate nuclear energy, we produce electrical, we extract fossil fuels, we gain it also from windmills or solar panels.
However, the exchange of energy and its distribution do not always happen in the peaceful symbiosis. Small-minded and selfish habits of our civilization cause that in the sense of illusory scarcity, the humanity often fights for the energy among itself. In order to gain the energy, one exploit the other. Weaker fall victim to stronger, dodgy abuse simple-hearted, rich abuse poor, famous abuse anonymous. People side against to themselves in the eternal battle for this who will be above and who below, while always in the background of this conflict goes on the fight for the energy. 

Matter expressed itself as the wealth and the authority - is the most common plan of the energy manipulation. People get caught and involved in that plan most easily. Another time, the fame or the politics become a tool to exhaust the juices from their subjects or fans. However, the pseudo spirituality in the form of earthly religions, is probably the most sophisticated plunder of the energy from faithful followers. Indeed, thousands of years of experience stand behind this trade. We know those schematics not from today.

It’s enough to look around to make sure how our world really operates. Greed in order to have more, to be better in order to win and to subordinate, this is the standard. This destructive human attitude of the constant, senseless fight, the competition, the rape and the violence are symptoms of fear that the energy is finite and limited form. So that we badly think will be lacking it and that the source of it lies outside us. Therefore we must work continuously to acquire it over and over again, regardless of morality and price. 

Such social, extremely neurotic attitude did not develop itself in the process of the human evolution. Behind this all, of course, from thousands of years stand masterful-technocratic systems that maintain and propagate this illusion. These systems do so through the control of the sources of energy - both physical and spiritual, to be able to keep down entire populations for their own egoistic plans. We know about this for a long time. 

How to break out of this vicious circle of social and mental conditionings ? For sure, each of us is sick of the fight, the scarcity and the ubiquitous greed. We can no longer make the same mistakes naively hoping for a positive results in the future. I think that it is no longer necessary to convince or encourage anybody to intimate, thorough transformations. Changes in culture, social changes and above all - personal and internal transformations. It is best to start from this to be able to look with hope on the bright side of the future. 

Therefore I propose the change primarily in the form of gaining the energy. I mean, the change which not only enables us to easily retrieve the energy from the universe, but makes us a channel to its flow so that we can share it with the others.
There is no magic, no wizardry and no tricks in this phenomenon. 
This is just pure, primaeval knowledge known to mankind for thousands of years, nowadays more boldly confirmed by scientific studies.

The ancestral wisdom teaches us about the nature of the reality and the fundamental role of energy in our life. One called that energy throughout history variously : “Prana”, “Mana”, “The Holy Spirit”, “Baraka”, “Telesma”, “Chi” or “KI”. Depending on the time, the place and the historical period. 
The last “KI” nomenclature comes from the cherry blossom culture. Together with the prefix “REI” (divine, spiritual) it creates the word REIKI.

The word REIKI (the spiritual energy, the energy of the soul) comes from Japanese and means the universal life energy, infinite and inexhaustible energy which fills the space. Reiki is a force working always and everywhere in all beings and things of the universe. The energy is responsible for the balance in all areas and levels of existence. Gives the life and sustains it, fills the space and organizes forms.

But what that energy really is and how it manifests here on earth ? How can it help us individually or globally ?

Imagine that you come back home tired, exhausted after work or school. You sit down comfortably in the secluded place, you apply your hands to your body and in a few minutes you begin to feel blissful relaxation, and all your stress, problems and the fatigue begin to give way to the bliss and to the relaxation.
Imagine that once again there falls on you like a bolt from the blue the following life problem, small or large. It doesn’t matter. You sit down again applying your hands to the body, and then almost in a moment you immerse in tranquility, the natural harmony and the clarity of the mind in which solution of life problems comes to you almost immediately - from the level of the intuition. Sometimes you do not even need the hand apply, because the peace of mind thanks to Reiki becomes permanent and natural state for you and existential problems gradually stop to terrify you and to trouble you as before.

What if, through the plain and simple bearing the hands to the body you were able to heal the entirety of your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones, practically with no effort ?
What if, thanks to this simple method you could develop yourself internally much faster and thanks to this more easily realize your dreams and life goals ?

As mentioned earlier Reiki is an primaeval and re-discovered in the late XIX century by Mikao Usui method of universal treatment, the introduction of the harmony, the reduction of stress and emotional tension and also spiritual healing. Despite its not entirely understood source and a strong infiltration of the New Age Movement, Reiki has survived to this day and does not require any faith nor occult experience or long-term initiations. 

It never hurts, does not enforce and does not manipulate, it is safe and easy to use, and what is most wonderful is the fact that anyone can learn this method and successfully apply it in his life. You don’t need to have any innate ability or esoteric skills, you don’t need to have any abilities, talents, gifts. The human sincere and honest attitude towards themselves and the world will be enough to go for a course in which we can "learn Reiki". So you gain a powerful tool to help you live the life according to the highest inspiration and ideas, free from selfish temporary desires.

We do not need to fight for energy anymore, deprive it of the others, manipulate the environment. We can be happy and realize our life plans with the help of Reiki, which not only supports us, but often inspires and leads.
Such attitude does not harm anyone and thus everyone gains. Simple and universal, because this energy has been our ally forever. That gift is a divine heritage of humanity, which we proudly should use to create a better world. The world made to measure our boldest and wildest spiritual wishes and ideas.

Let’s always remember that life is a wonderful adventure, in which the positive action and the light cannot be destroyed, while the negativity and darkness inevitably destroys itself.

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